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Do I Need To Take K2 Supplement Seperate From Calcium And D?
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted January 7, 2019
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A MyOsteoTeam Member

Collagen plus k2 raised my bone density by 5.7 % in one year.My endocrinologist couldn't say that Collagen would help but she said that whatever I was doing to keep it up because I don't need osteoporosis medication!

posted October 26, 2021
A MyOsteoTeam Member

what and where do I buy collagen please. Also is there a certain brand I should look for? I take K2 and Vit D3 for many years. I had to discontinue calcium because my doctor told me my calcium level was too high. Thanks

posted August 29, 2020
A MyOsteoTeam Member

I take a combination supplement, calcium, magnesium, D3 and K2. I decided on this supplement after reading several articles from the save institute. I receive pertinent emails from the save institute regarding medication studies, nutrition, exercise, etc. It is a great resource for people who have been diagnosed with osteo.

posted November 20, 2019
A MyOsteoTeam Member

This is what I take per my PA @Kaiser
K AND D3 you take them with or without food together every morning calcium absorbs better at night with potassium. However always check with your own provider

posted November 23, 2019
A MyOsteoTeam Member

I take K, D3 ,and potassium eat SMALL not large bananas(fattening) twice a week for leg cramps calcium should be taken at night my Osteo PA just informed me and since this regiments no more leg cramps: working ha ha

posted November 22, 2019

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