do you think i should be safe to swim at my senior aquatic center in regards to the corona virus with my kidney transplant and osteoporosis | MyOsteoTeam

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A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

Is it safe to take Prolia if you have Liver cirrhosis?

A MyOsteoTeam Member

Well, I personally would ask my Doctor, Rheumatologist;, some other medical Doctor that would give you a professional answer. If he knows that you have a liver problem, I’m sure he would not have… read more

Have Any One Had A Reaction To Prolia Injection
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis after presenting to Gp with mild upper back pain
Had Prolia injection two weeks ago and within 24 hours developed flu like symptoms and then lower back pain like I had a broken back. GP gave me codeine pain relief but after a week still really unable to move freely or sleep I am desperately wanting answers but GP unavailable until next week. I am a 73 year old Woman who is normally active and social. Now I feel like an invalid without the… read more

A MyOsteoTeam Member

How are you doing now?

For Fellow Canadians Only: To Whom Do You Go To For Comprehensive Medical Advice With Your Osteoporosis?
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

Here in Manitoba, the health care system is so broken many of us are now without even a family doctor. Whom do you turn to for advice/help with your osteoporosis?

A MyOsteoTeam Member

Debjoy, thank you for your helpful answer. As we are without a family doctor now, I will see if the bone surgeon out here can get me in to see an endocrinologist in Winnipeg, about an 1 1/2 hour… read more

Has Anyone Heard That By Taking Calcium It Causes Clogged Arteries?
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I am wondering what is worse...low bone density or clogged arteries.

A MyOsteoTeam Member

Most calcium tablets are ground rock, plant based calcium i(algae) is best if you have clogged arteries.

Pain And Osteoporosis
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have osteoporosis,and I am happy to say I have not had any broken bones! My bone density test show my 60 year old bones are like that of an 80+ year old women.However I am in pain every day, my knees,hips
,back and hands hurt the most. But my doctors say there is no pain with osteoporosis until you have a fracture or break. And X-rays have not shown much arthritis. How "much" do I need to have for them to explain the pain I have? Have any of you had pain without fracture or arthritis?

A MyOsteoTeam Member

I also do myofascial massage therapy, followed by a private Pilates session. That and daily weight-bearing exercises will strengthen your muscles and bones.

Pain Under Left Breast
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

Has anyone got pain radiating from the back ( maybe spine?), to under the left breast? It is not a heart issue. Not there all the time but when it comes on it doesn't last for long but feels like when you have a stitch or a mini cramp.

A MyOsteoTeam Member

Hi Beau, the pain should go away. I get pains in the night & they usually go away.
Regards Josie xo

Fortes Injections
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

My Endocrinologist wants me to take Forteo for 2 years by injection everyday as a bone builder. I am eligible through the Government as I had A femoral fracture due to the medication I was taking. My Doctor has to make application on my behalf to put me on the program. Side effects dizziness, leg cramps, soreness due to the injections. I would like your input on this program. Thank you.

A MyOsteoTeam Member

I don’t have any private insurance only what is covered the the Government. If I am warranted coverage it free other that that I have to pay out of pocket $1.000.00 a month. So far I’m holding my… read more

Hair And Scalp
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have found info about osteoporosis causing hair loss for some people.
My question is - does it cause you to have an itchy scalp - not dandruff. Just a very itch scalp that feels tight when you scratch.
Just checking to see if there is anyone else out there with this.
Thanks and let’s all have a great day!

A MyOsteoTeam Member

i am now rethinking an earlier post i sent about fosomax being the cause of my extreme hair loss. it lasted (and still continuing) for four months every year since i got a terrible flu and pneumonia… read more

Dear Members Of The Group! My Question Is: Is It Possible To Use The Professional Deep Tissue Massage Gun For Osteoporosis?
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyOsteoTeam Member

@A MyOsteoTeam Member
Hello Judy - So nice to hear from you ! Your violets are beautiful...I hope my perennial plants come back after the deep freeze Texas had ! They don't look well, but… read more

I’m Looking For Feedback Regarding Medications: Forteo/Tymlos, Prolia Or Reclast.
A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I’ve had multiple prophylactic surgeries to prevent cancer (family history is strong)
I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis which my doctor considers “severe”, especially for my age (45)
She is recommending I begin Forteo/Tymlos, Prolia or Reclast in that order (she feels oral meds are second to injection/infusion due to absorption).
I’m concerned about cancer risk (although the doc says there is no concern for humans) among other things.
I’m wondering if anyone has experience with… read more

A MyOsteoTeam Member

I'm on Forteo and have 6 months to go. It's been an effort to get this medication as I've had to temporarily move in with my sister in Southern California. I'm next on the list for a two-bedroom… read more