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Teeth Loss

A MyOsteoTeam Member

I have been on osteoporosis drugs since since 2015
Forteo for 2 years, reclast for 4 years and evinity for 1 year. Just got done. Heading toward prolia. My issue is I have lost a lot of teeth..I just had one break off to gum line
Of course the biggest worry is osteoporosis drugs. Oral surgeon taking it out next week before I have to start on prolia.. very anxious about it.

posted September 16, 2022
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A MyOsteoTeam Member

I took Prolia one time and it affected my jaw with lots of inflammation and pain. I stopped Prolia.

Moved on to Forteo and did that for 2 years. I have since switched to a non-prescription method using Calcuim, D3, K2, magnesium. I also walk as much as possible and use resistance bands.

posted May 20
A MyOsteoTeam Member

I have also lost teeth. Am having 2 crowns put in. My dentist was aware of osteonecerosis I am on alendronic acid 1 tablet 7 days a week. I want to go onto something else as already take enough tablets. Hope all goes OK for you.

posted September 27, 2022
A MyOsteoTeam Member

Did you worry about getting osteonecrosis? I know their reluctant to pull one, but so many.

posted September 19, 2022
A MyOsteoTeam Member

Sad but true I lost many teeth too. So I knew eventually more would come out. So I but the bullet and had the rest pulled and got dentures. It’s been a long adjustment to them but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you can afford to do this, I am suggesting you consider it!🦷😉

posted September 17, 2022

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