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Medtronic Device

Medtronic Device

Has anyone here had a Medtronic device for pain? I am on a trial right now and it does seem to help somewhat, I have severe osteoporosis in my back and hips, I have had 12+ kyphoplasty in my back so far? I am still on the fence about having it done permanently.

A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Would like to know what type of infusion anyone has had that was helpful. I'm not in an area that does that so I don't know much about them except what I've
seen on this site. The med I was on, Bone Maximizer III, turns out to be the thing that was so constipating. It had everything in it, all the things I've read on
this site I needed...stopped taking it yesterday. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Not taking Rx meds with all the side effects just trying to find more natural things. I, also, have arthritis. Hugs to all you brave people!!☺️

posted 9 days ago
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