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Asking A Question

Asking A Question

I have osteoporosis and have been told to have the Prolia injection. Very apprehensive have not heard anything great about it. I have side effects from most drugs, has anyone out there found this injection helpful to their osteo?

A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

@A MyOsteoTeam Member hello to you from the Sunshine Coast in Subtropical Queensland Australia and I have had my second 6monthly Prolia injection and I have had far fewer side effects in comparison with the Aledronic Acid with Vitamin D (Fosamax Plus tablets) taken every Friday morning. Also I am taking 1000iu Vitamin D 3 daily too.

Also It’s important for us to have a bone density test every two years to check on the effect of the Prolia injection.

Also I walk most days around the Mooloolah River boardwalk here at Minyama to keep my strength and balance improving and I have 5 prunes several days a week.

Hugs from Judyxx

edited, originally posted 12 days ago
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