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A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 years ago. I now have osteoarthritis, I had a fall 2 years ago and fractured my back, I have noticed balance issues also. I have pain in my legs, and pelvis area. My back is painful everyday. Does anyone else have these symptoms? I don't really know a lot about it.
Went fir a walk this evening, and now I'm suffering. I also have pain in my big toe, and ball of my foot

posted March 18, 2021
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A MyOsteoTeam Member

Yes! So do I!!🙋‍♀️ I’ve been dealing with osteoarthritis in my back, hip, knees, feet and neck I finally went to a neurosurgeon (after exhausting all non-surgical treatments) who diagnosed me with Bertolotti’s Syndrome. I was elated to have a diagnosis after all these years!! Unfortunately, I’m not a good candidate for surgery due to the many issues in my lumbar spine.
I take meds for inflammation, neuropathy, muscle cramps and pain. My heating pad, ice pack and TENS unit are my best friends. I hope you find relief soon!!

posted March 18, 2021
A MyOsteoTeam Member

Hi Susan.. Im a bit of a newbie to this too so not sure what to expect or how quickly. I have been getting back and neck pain going up into my head and dont know if this is due to my osteoporosis or not x

posted March 18, 2021 (edited)
A MyOsteoTeam Member

No swelling in my feet or ankles, my big toe burns/ stings, and pain behind my toes, I also have a triggering thumb which is really painful, and grip weakness. It's my back that is the most painful, everyday. Was given Co codamol, taking it 4 times a day, then was told only to take twice as its addictive!! At least it helped a bit, but not as much now. Just bought a medi brace for my back x

posted April 1, 2021
A MyOsteoTeam Member

Does your feet ever swell, like the tops of them and your ankle? I'm just beginning the process, but pain all along my spine(worst is bet shouders); hips and feet/ankles take turns but always like burning or stinging sensations. Thanks.

posted March 28, 2021

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