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Living Disease Free Academy

Living Disease Free Academy

Has anyone heard of the above?
The founder is Pam Bartha.

It is a question asked by someone on the MS society web page.

A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

I have just.added you to my team so a big HI 😃❤
Thank you so much.for sharing the link you posted Christine it's just what I wanted because for the past two weeks I have changed my diet to try & help my OP & other health conditions .
Pam Bertha's artical was very interesting to read & the recipies looked yummy .
I have coppied some of the recipies & intend to incorporate them into my own diet.
I have been on the Noom eating plan & in just over two weeks lost 2. 1/2 kg & feel great .
I have about 20 Kg more to lose & feel I can achieve this & help my arthritis in my knees , hands ,back & feet.

Hope you are well yourself ? If not hugs & healing prayers are sent to you from Australia.

Victoria from
Melbourne Australia

posted over 1 year ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

I found

Hope this is helpful.

posted over 1 year ago
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