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Fosamax: What Have Your Experiences With This Drug Been? Positive Or Negative?

Fosamax: What Have Your Experiences With This Drug Been? Positive Or Negative?

My mother took Fosamax for over 8 years and still broke her hip. I have friends who have tried the shots and still broken bones. What have you found the most effective treatment for osteoporosis? I am also trying the exercise program by Margaret Martin. I already exercise daily and this helps me focus on a program particular to osteoporosis; including tips on what not to do. I have also heard that your diet is also a factor? Has anyone found this to be true? Thanks so much.

A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

I am taking bonu-up also
Mybone density test was worse in my spine
Will seek. a second opinion From an endocronologist
I excersize a lot, strengh
And mobility, weights and walking
Will have to concentrate on stretches i guess
I do eat a lot of dark green veggies
Cut back on coffee and cocktails

posted over 2 years ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

I also take VitK2mk7 as it helps to move the calcium out of your blood and into your bones. I also take magnesium, cod liver oil capsules, marine collagen and boron. I get them from a very reliable UK company.
You have to do your own research with this condition!
Exercise is very important. I do a Zoom exercise class, Zoom Pilates, other exercises and once a week hydrotherapy in a lovely warm therapy pool.
I also do a 20- 30 minute walk nearly every day.

posted about 1 year ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Thanks, it is frustrating when you think you are doing all the right stuff to stay healthy. I am seeing an endocrinologist soon. Trying the exercise program specific to bones. As much as I don't want to do the meds I am weighing both sides. I also don't want to end up with lots of fractures I could have avoided. It is a real "Catch 22."

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

I took Fosamax and had an upper thigh break. The surgeon blamed it on the Fosamax. I now am taking Forteo injections every night for the next two years in hopes of (1) no more broken bones, and (2) strengthening my bones. We shall see how well it works.

posted 6 months ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

All I know is this for sure ..It's got to be related to our genes my grandfather ,his son (my dad) had this oh so smelly stuff they rubbed their legs arms and shoulders I can remember it Although they both lived to 89 and my dad 93 they suffered getting there I hope there is more research for my grandkids and my 3 sons that's all because at 81 almost 82 October I don't want to go under the knife that is also dangerous and if all the bones I have are porous what is the use of surgery it took the man next door from me 3 years after neck surgery and he walks still like his neck is in a brace (stiff like ) No thanks!!
on that note off to bed I go god bless .

posted almost 3 years ago
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