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Calcium And Vitamin D

Calcium And Vitamin D

My body doesn’t seem to absorb vit d even when I was taking 10000units as my level was 17.
I am now on 2000 units daily and still only in the high 20.
I include items that contain vit d in my food,
My density score was T-2.9 when diagnosed year ago at 58
What can I do

posted February 27, 2019
A MyOsteoTeam Member

My Vit D levels did not increase even though I took my supplements every day. So I decided to head outside and lie in a bit of sun for 20 minutes with sunscreen only on my face and décolletage. Vitamin D levels had sky rocketed to over 80 at next blood test.

posted February 12, 2020
A MyOsteoTeam Member

My gut absorption is poor so I take Vit D liquid drops. If I am prescribed to take a med or vitamin, I try for liquid or capsules as they dissolve easier than tablets for me.

posted February 24, 2020
A MyOsteoTeam Member

I take 1000mg of Mcal (calcium) + 1000U of VitD /day. Worked for me.

posted February 12, 2020
A MyOsteoTeam Member

Being in the sun does help. I live in New England and my D level is always a lot lower in the winter months..
I read the book “The whole body approach to Osteoporosis “ by Dr McCormick. It is very interesting.. Even had an appointment with him.
So many other minerals help to absorb vitamin D.
Most medical doctors don’t really get to involved in supplements and vitamins, they want us to get most from a healthy diet and exercise. Of course everyone is different when it comes to how our body reacts to nutrition.

posted July 13, 2020
A MyOsteoTeam Member

Hi uk here get some sun on your arms that is were you get vit D from
It pretty cool here but sit in sun later i hope a
Elbows on chair arms out thats the best wsy to bust your vit D
Good luck your on my team 😋

posted July 12, 2020

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