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Does Anyone Have Any Proof That Medications Improve Spinal Bone Density Or Strength?

Does Anyone Have Any Proof That Medications Improve Spinal Bone Density Or Strength?

Have a Dexa T score of -4.2 Two spinal compression fractures plus a more recent wrist break where the end of the arm bone has crumbled away. Also one shoulder joint has been taken out because damage was so bad.

I believe long term use of asthma medications have largely contributed to my osteoporosis. I'm sensitive to medication, am unconvinced from what I have read that medication increases bone density or strength in the spine. My mother suffered necrosis of the jaw due to medications… read more

A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Hi Dido...sorry for my slow response as I don’t get on here every day.
Yes, I was on Forteo (which is daily injections.) I did get 11% increase in my spine, my left hip stayed the same and my right hip got worse....go figure?! Forteo is the only osteoporosis med that actually grows bone. Now they have me on Prolia which helps slow bone loss and will help preserve the bone the Forteo grew.
My bone health specialist said the FDA just approved a new drug that is like a combination of Forteo and Prolia. Now they have to get it on the market and get insurance companies to pay for it.....which probably will take time because I’m sure it’s expensive!
The calcium I take is called Garden of Life mykind organics. I also take D3 that is gluten free and soy free. My bone health specialist told me to take it with fat (like with a handful of nuts) because it absorbs better.
Hope things are going well for you!

posted over 3 years ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Dido, there's the spirit I knew you have!

Do you know why the Strontium Ranelate was taken off the market for a bit? That would be good information to have. Also check out AlgaeCal's web site, they sell a Strontium supplement but I don't know if it's the Ranelate formula.

I also hate osteoporosis. It can be so wicked and robs us of many of the things we love to do, as well as our confidence. Further, there is no cure, or even a bone stabilizer, that works consistently. I believe that Prolia does increase bone mass - dead brittle bone as it inhibits our osteoclasts from carrying the dead stuff away. I haven't read where any of the meds stimulate our osteoblasts to build healthy bone. This is also a disease that's been around for centuries, but just recently has the medical community recognized it and really started researching it. I believe that there will one day be a "cookie cutter" cure that works for everyone, I don't believe that will be in our lifetime. When you read studies (funded by big pharma who I don't trust), many of them say (drug name) IS BELIEVED TO WORK BY..... they're not even sure!!! I believe that's why they recommend that various meds only be taken for X number of years before stopping, because they have no data on long-term side effects, the drugs are too new. I think we're unwilling and uninformed lab rats when we "try" these meds. I'm not paranoid, neither am I ignorant. Big pharma shoves money and freebies at our FDA and doctors to get these meds approved and prescribed. There's data available to support this.

OK, I'm going to climb carefully off my soapbox, sorry I got carried away. But I can tell by your posts that you're intelligent and have done your research, too. I suspect we share some thoughts and ideas.

When do you see your Consultant or doctor again? As we don't use the term consultant as a medical title here, are they they equivalent of a physician's assistant (more training than a BSN, less than a doctor, work under a doctor who assumes responsibility for their practice)?

Stay strong, in body and mind. And write me anytime you feel like it, I enjoy your posts! 💚

posted over 3 years ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Hi Jane. Thank you. Doctors don't like it do they when we know more than them? It is not their fault that nutrition is only a tiny part of their training. Actually thinking about it, it is. They could demand it, as other health practitioners do when they find their learning curriculum is lacking.

You are so right about the anxiety making our condition worse. I wish I had never heard of Osteoporosis. Before my fall I was running every morning, and doing power pump classes 3 times a week plus more. They tell me now I'm too fragile to do those things and to lift plastic drinking water bottles. Pathetic. I have my own vibration plate at home and am afraid to use it. Those machines were designed to improve bone density for astronauts. No one can tell me ok go ahead use it, it's safe. Doctors tell me I'd be taking dangerous risks.

The Strontium Ranelate, if I take it, is nearer to a natural substance. From what I have read it works by stimulating new osteoclasts plus slowing down the breakdown process. I'm more confident to try that because I trust Europe's Big Pharma more than America. The strange thing is, I believe England is about 20 years behind America and other parts of the world in healthcare knowledge generally.

Politics plays a huge part. Our national health service has suffered tremendously and is being constantly cut back and watered down. We used to get the best care, now it feels like they give the least they can get away with because funding is cut back so much and so many people need it.

Thank you again. Haven't decided anything yet. Have only seen team members, not even a proper Consultant. Have had plenty of talks with Pharmacists though. The last one suggested I take cold pressed virgin black seed oil as well as everything else I'm already doing. I need more talks as the Ranelate S has only just become re-available.

I keep telling myself that the density scan results compare us to a 30 year old. I'm 64 years old and therefore cannot expect my bones to be the same as a much younger person. Life is for living. I will not be frightened out of living it. Thank you for helping to revive the old me.

Dido xx

posted over 3 years ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Hi Nikky. I'm so sorry to learn of your difficulties and indeed many or most people on this site. We are all different yet have many elements of our stories in common.

The biggest help I have found is a twelve foot, u shape, deep filled pillow which I bought from the internet. Pregnant ladies sometimes use these to sleep more comfortably. This pillow supports me totally, it feels like I'm sleeping in a cuddle, although it does take up a lot of room in the bed. This pillow eases the pain in my neck, shoulder, back and is exactly the right height to rest my broken wrist on. If I had a partner he probably would not like this huge thing in the bed. Do you know what? The best thing about the pillow is does not snore!

When will doctors learn, sometimes simple things help us? We don't always want drugs which cause other problems in the long term.

From my own research, osteoporosis drugs may increase bone density, but this is not the same as bone strength. I am choosing to go against doctors offers of medication and learning everything I can to help myself. The sun is shining outside and it is warm, rare in England in February. So I'm off to take a little walk in the sun.

I wish you the best. Take very good care of yourself.


posted over 3 years ago
A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Hi Finnlander. I think my doctors have finally accepted that I have made an informed decision not to take medication. For me, I believe the risks are too high when weighed against a result which cannot be guaranteed.

The pharmacists I have spoken to, all say that bone density is not the same as strength. They say that medications can make bone more brittle and so more likely to fracture and break.

Like yourself I think that good quality nutrition and supplements are the way to go.
Thank you again for your response to my question. You are the only one person of the many replies I have had, to confirm an increase in bone density. I hope they continue to work positively for you.

Take very good care of yourself.

Dido. xx

posted over 3 years ago
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