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Ribs sit inside of hips

Ribs sit inside of hips

Since my 5 endplate fractures my spine has shrunk and now my ribs sit inside my hips when I’m on my feet or sitting when I lay down I seem to stretch out a bit I have a small gap between them. It can cause discomfort, vacuuming is the worst ,it becomes quite painful. Is there any treatment for this does any one know. I would see older people with long legs and rather short bodies and hoped I would never end up like this never realising this is what caused it. I used to be 5ft 9 now I am… read more

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A MyOsteoTeam Member said:

Good morning Nellpd, just reading your post from 6 months ago, when you were saying about your itch, I have had an itchy scalp for a couple of yrs now… read more

posted 2 months ago
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