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Anyone Taking HRT For Their Osteoporosis?

A MyOsteoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I was on Forteo for 15 months and my spine went from -2.9 to -3.0. My Endocronoglist and I agreed that I was going in the wrong direction. I am 61 and have a rare hormone disease called Kallman's Syndrome. We thought we would try Bonvia, Supplements, and a low dose of HRT. I take Climara Pro patch but only a half a patch a week. The regular does is 1 patch a week so it's a very low dose. I know that there are risks associated with HRT treatment for women my age but I feel that saving my bones… read more

posted June 2, 2018
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A MyOsteoTeam Member

What doctor is a osteoporosis specialist?

posted May 8, 2019
A MyOsteoTeam Member

I take low dose estrogen and no Osteo meds as i hate the side effects. So i exercise and eat healthy and take lots of vitamins. So far my scores are staying at -3.0 and im ok with that as im still active and dont have any pain.

posted March 22, 2021
A MyOsteoTeam Member

To the women you said they took/take HRT for osteoporosis did you also take progesterone to balance the estrogen?

posted July 17, 2019
A MyOsteoTeam Member

I had a hysterectomy when I was 24, both ovaries removed and was on HRT for 17 years. Because there is breast cancer on both sides of my family I decided to go off. I am 59 nad have no regrets about going off.
I have been on prolia since 2014 and no side effects - sore back for a few days after but otherwise I feel really good, most of the time.
My bone scan when I started prolia was -3.6 and I am now -3.1

posted June 12, 2018
A MyOsteoTeam Member

After two years of HRT (estradiol patch and natural progesterone) I go for a bone density scan next week. I'll let you guys know if it helped. I've also been reading about heart disease and HRT but the research on natural hormones are limited but positive.\

posted December 5, 2020

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